Hot Hot Beef & Wabi Sabi Soba

Hope everyone’s 2013 has been good and cool so far. I know it is late, but I must say…

A happy new year to everyone! :-O



Although it was a horrible rainy new year’s eve in London, it was super sunny beautiful new year in 2013!

As we moved into our new house, we did a new year walk at local area. Last year, an abandoned pub was refurbished and it became a really nice pub! We had their New Year English Breakfast. Such a tasty choice.

We spent our first Christmas just 2 of us at our new home. We always go back to my husband’s home town to spend with his family. That’s why this is our first Christmas in a way.

The Christmas chef wasn’t me, my husband! He cooked Spicy Beef Wellington. It was marinaded over night and roasted nicely!



Lots of veggies to go with.



And we opened a bottle of Champagne which we brought back from our French trip last year :->


What was I doing?? Enjoying the mulled wine! Hahaha.


I was making mess… I tried to bake a cake which I hadn’t done for ages. Because the previous oven wasn’t strong, I couldn’t control the new better one, cooked very quickly basically… (or maybe because of mulled wine!?) This is the result…


But you know… Strawberry magic!


The taste was good, yum yum :->


Next day, I tried to bake another cake haha. As we had chestnuts I wanted to bake Chestnuts Swiss Roll Cake!
But… AGAIN!? πŸ˜₯ It was burnt nicely and didn’t roll well… Chestnuts cream didn’t work out either. So it came out completely different thing…



It was tasty enough, but I must practice more baking. This is my 2013 resolution!!!
This was our fab Christmas cooking and eating :->


So now, I talk about Wabi Sabi Soba. In Japan, we eat soba noodles on New Years Eves. There are some stories why we eat soba noodles but here are the classic 2 stories:

1. Soba noodles are the thinnest and longest noodles. So we eat them to wish our modest long life. (Some area eat Udon noodles to wish thick (Strong) and long life)

2. Soba noodles are easy to break. We eat them to cut off and leave the hard time of the year before the new year comes.

We invited some friends and shared the experience together – making soba noodles! It supposed to be a lesson but I’ve never made it. So I just opened a magazine which told what to do and let the guys to do so, but the most important thing of the evening was we had fun B->

Please check the images when we were making from my Japanese dairy blog β†’
mariko kinoko

Just ignore all the Japanese texts and you will reach to some of the photos of the evening!

It was on 29th. So we boiled the left over soba noodles on New Years Eve. With easy sushi. Toppings are smoke salmon, shiitake mushrooms, avocado, Dashi Maki Tamago (Japanese Rolled Omellet), roasted sesame seeds and nori seaweed! Just mix them before eat :->


Spring onion, ginger are the best garnish for soba noodles. We had leek so we used it instead of spring onion. And seven spices… rocks!!


Have a nice Sunday evening, everyone :-> x


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